Finn White-Thomson is a multifaceted creative filmmaker who directs, shoots and edits documentaries, short films, adverts and sports content.

He is extremely adaptable and hardworking... I would have Finn work on every production if I could, he is a fantastic team player and an extremely nice person.
    - Alanna Southgate, Account Director, We Are Pi

Finn is an outstanding individual to work with. He proved to be an indispensable member for the team during his time with MMF. Highly skilled, efficient and effective. An excellent camera operator, and editor with a great eye for detail and a can do attitude. I can't recommend him highly enough. He would be an absolute asset to any team.
    - Joshua Axford, Executive Director, Marine Mega Fauna Foundation

Finn is a talented, hard working, multifaceted creative filmmaker and editor. I worked with him across a suite of award winning content projects. He is fully equipped to tell stories with depth across a variety of platforms.’             
    - Ravi Amaratunga Hitchcock, Head of Sour-Sop